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Our company has been developed and purposely built to provide Respite Provisions. Our service and facilities have been designed to meet the specific needs of adults with Physical and Learning Disabilities including those with Complex Needs. Every Sensation provides individuals with social interaction, stimulation, enjoyment, and relaxation. Different choices, activities and experiences throughout the day are chosen by, for and with the individual in mind. We believe in creating and providing beneficial opportunities to all those wishing to access our service. Our facilities are available to clients on a package basis to meet all their requirements and needs taking into account all abilities.

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Motivations Every Sensation has a successful day service for adults with Physical, Profound, Complexed Health needs and Learning Disabilities, including associated conditions such as Sensory Impairments and Autism for the last 8 years.
It is through this and the request from parents to offer an alternative from having to leave their homes unnecessarily to offer respite to parents/carers ensuring that the needs of the individuals is in their best interest.
Currently the options for service users is respite care in residential facilities if parents/carers are unable to offer support for a time period due to holidays, sickness, rest breaks etc. This means that individuals are having to leave their own homes.
Currently, in Nottinghamshire 7,547 people are receiving adult social care and support services to help them to remain independent at home. This can cause problems with getting bookings for respite due to availability and/or the complexed needs of the individual and staff that are trained to provide the support and care that they need.
One of the recommendations for consideration by commissioners in Nottinghamshire is to ensure that future service development and provision embrace the views of people with learning disabilities and their carer’s. We aim to achieve this.


We are now able to provide twenty-four-hour respite services to adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and complex needs. This new service has a Registered Manager and is registered with CQC.

Our Aims

We wish to promote the dignity and self-worth of all our client group, and strive to give them excellent quality of life, this is to be achieved with a satisfied and highly skilled workforce. Involvement and self-determination in therapeutic activities, health interventions, socialization, and food preferences that will allow them to feel at home and be part of their day to day lives as opposed to decisions being made by third parties. The idea is to feel part of the community and most of all feel at home.
We believe in creating and providing beneficial opportunities to all those wishing to access our services. Offering continuity of staff, staff that are trained and experienced in support and offering therapeutic interventions i.e. Suction, PATS, as well as social opportunities to improve and maintain their health & well being.

Referel /Assessment Process

We accept referrals from parents, carers and social workers, CCG and other health care professionals including family members with responsibilities.
When a person is referred to us for an assessment we will: (This can be done by contacting us using the contact details on this leaflet).
Arrange with you a suitable time to visit their home as well as at their current placement (if applicable) i.e. school. Making sure the assessment process is inclusive. Looking at the support that the person needs now and, in the future. Part of our assessment process is ensuring that we understand how to support a person well; we should know about their past and how it can influence them. While being aware if we cannot provide the right support for the person to the highest level, we would let them know. We pride ourselves on our health care professionals that we work with i.e. Physiotherapist, SALT and building up good relationships with families and carers. We will not start supporting a person without having the right information in place.


Every Sensation will strive to ensure that staff employed will have the qualifications, experience, skill mix and up-to-date skills to adequately meet the needs of the Service Users. We offer high staffing levels of 1-1 and 2-1 or more depending on needs assessed. We have nurses on duty when our day service is open. Our Service Manager is a Registered Manager with CQC with over 15 years’ experience in the care sector and our Assistant Manager is a Registered Learning Disabilities Nurse. We can offer respite support on days, evening and weekends, and waking nights, including Bank holidays. Offering support from as little as one day to overnight to long weekends or extended holidays for week/s.