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Specialised Day Care Centre

for Adults with Physical/Learning Disabilities & Complex Needs

Beautiful Surroundings
Every Sensation provides individuals with social interaction, stimulation, enjoyment, and relaxation set in beautiful surroundings.
Activities & Experiences
Different choices, activities and experiences throughout the day are chosen by, for and with the individual in mind.
We Believe
We believe in creating and providing beneficial opportunities to all those wishing to access our service.

Specialised Day Care Centre

Every Sensation offers therapeutic and sensory treatments and environments for adults with profound, complexed, multiple physical and learning disabilities, aged 18 and above.

Our Facilities

Design better and spend less time without restricting creative freedom. Combine layouts, customize everything.

Hydro Pool
We are pleased to provide over a 9 x 4-meter sized hydro pool to meet the health and physiotherapy...
Cutting Edge immersive technology with 33 different programmes ranging from seasonal scenes, fish pond, musical instruments, jigsaw, to ball games & numerical equations...
We have a 1.8 metre screen in an accessible room to watch all those favourite films. In addition we also have motion seats which are linked into the sound system providing.
About us

Every Sensation endeavour to support the individual by focusing on their assessed needs and wishes and by maintaining and promoting their overall physical and emotional health and well-being.

The day care centre offers higher staffing levels such as 1-1 or 2-1 subject to assessments of need. This enables high-quality care for all clients offering therapeutic approaches to treatments in order to meet the developmental, emotional and physical health needs, meaningful activity and sensory needs of all clients.


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