Kings Mill Road West
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Established in 2012

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Every Sensation has been developed to provide specialised daycare facilities for adults who have complex health needs, physical disabilities and those with a learning disability.

Our clients include those with severe physical disability needs such as Oral Suction, Jejunostomy Tubes, Gastrostomy or Naso Gastric Tubes, Hydrocephalus, Blind Loop Syndrome, Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Severe Vision Impairments, numerous genetic conditions affecting health as they age such as Sanfilippo Syndrome, Hallervorden Spatz Disease and Rett Syndrome to name afew.

We provide individuals with social interaction, independence, self realisation, health & wellbeing and above all enjoyment & fun. Our facilities are available to clients on a package basis to meet all their requirements and needs taking into account all abilities.Alternatively our facilities are also available to those wishing to access single, joint or one off sessions for one or more of our facilities which includes Hydro.

Our process is that we carry out a full assessment with the prospective client, which includes obtaining full personal & medical history, so we may establish an accurate fee structure for the care required and most importantly that the client will get the optimum use of the correct facilities we offer.

Upon acceptance of our service & fundinging being agreed, we will provide contracts & all applicable forms must be completed ie. assessments etc, and all relevant specific equipment must be in place prior to clients commencement to the service.


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Facilities including our Hydrotherapy pool as well as Acheeva beds, allowing clients to have opportunities to have time out of wheelchairs, promoting therapeutic and health interventions.